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APVs Vs The Keys Makers

Choose Your Side

In the world we stand today, there are a lot of talented and very well educated individual. There are people with Master degree, some with Multi-Discipline-Bachelor. We are referring to the smartest people with great brain and intelligent who are graduated from recognized institute.

Now the question is, armed with that piece of certificate, does it makes us successful by default? Does it immune us from economic recession? Pay-cut? High interest rate? Illogical tax rate?

Our journey in Life, we are provided with different types of key that helps us overcome obstacles and challenges at different stages of our life. The keys are given to us One at a time. It comes in different forms, sometime the key disguise itself as a painful experience. Before we learn how to walk, we must first learn how to fall. After a few painful experiences, we can choose to give up or learn to acquire the key to balancing. At every cross road junction of our journey, we have at least four choices. Left, Right, Forward or Standstill. Before success is awarded to us, we have to learn how to fail, or at least learn how other before us failed.

Many people labeled keywords like: disgrace, incapable, good-for-nothing, emabarssment and many other negative thoughts that link to the word failure. These people are confused either by their teaching from the school/parents or maybe their circle of friends. They probably find it hard to accept that success and failure comes in a package.

* If you have come across anyone (whom you personally know) that had learned walking without falling or a great achiever whom never encounter any difficulty in their path of success, please drop us an email, we will like to meet that person!

There is no such thing as the best choice or the best path. Life is filled very countless variable, we are not able to anticipate or predict outcome that is why life is interesting and filled with surprises! We are accountable for every choice we make, could it be career, course of studies, business decision, life-time partner, house, investment, how we use our time and the list goes on. We can either enjoy or cry-over the final result of our cumulative choices right at the end of the road.

What happen in the real world is that majority of the population are consumed with this emotional response known as Fear. Who does not have fear? Does a President have fear? Does a kindergarten school kid have fear? The fact is that everyone have fear living within us and that include you and me.

There are two types of people who response to this emotional stimulant differently. The first type of people analyze the problems and generate a chain of negative thoughts. What if I flunk the exam? What if everyone get to learn about my embarrassment? What if she reject my proposal? What if....list goes on. As we can see, this category of people paralyze over their own negative thoughts and come to a standstill at the cross road. These people never get to earn their rightful key which open new doors to a more desirable and meaningful life for themselves. The world naturally move on without them. Years later, the world forgot about them until they surface for help. We call them APV (Analysis Paralysis Victim).

Here comes the second type of person who also analyze the problem. This category of individual analyze the problems and create a solution. They are no different from the APV just that they are able to see the opportunity and reward beyond the problem. They create win-win solution, they create new keys for new doors. This people spent more time solving problem than analying them. We call them the Key-maker. People who create opportunity. They help to open new industry, new products, new demand and create new job opening for the majority of the population.

Photos of Popular Key Makers that provide job opportunities for millions

Analysis Paralysis

Analysis Paralysis is where we can’t make any forward progress because we bog ourself down in details, tweaking, brainstorming, research and … anything but just getting on with it.

Regardless what certificate we are holding, it is seen as one of the Key that allow us to access different career door. The key itself does not bring success, it is how the owner of the key use it that makes a different. Many left the world with regrets, knowing that all along they possess the key but relantance to use it. These people are not difficult to spot, they usually use the word "What if" the most.

Unlock your fear, Unlock your life.

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