Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Chicken or Egg

Which one came first?

The first is a Platonic argument based on philosophical constructs. The chicken is an actual chicken, while the egg is a potential chicken. Since actuality always proceeds potentiality, we can deduce that the chicken probably have come first. Some argue that chicken itself could be a by product of a mutation process of another biological breed of animals. Other claims the first bird that evolved into a modern chicken had to have been a chicken embryo first. The philosopher said people were mistaken to think the ‘parents’ of the first chicken egg had to be a genetically bona-fide chicken in order to lay a chicken egg.

What do you think?

In the context of Leadership, do you think that a person will only develop leadership skills when he have enough follower? Or should he develop leadership qualities before he can attract any follower? Fact is leaders are like magnet, it have to be magnetized before anything can happen. Else it is just an ordinary piece of iron.

Successful Leaders understand the need to recharge their magnetism from time to time. When we say recharge, we simply means to acquire new or upgrade current knowledge, soft-skills, fresh ideas, through continuous learning and positive attitude. If you are a leader, it is not difficult for you to detect another leader.
You can pin point a leader by observing the posture, selection of words, eyes contact, and most importantly attitude. Leaders maintain positive attitude regardless of changes in circumstances or event. Leaders surface during critical moment with calmness and logical mindset to resolve or neutralize negative situation.

Ordinary people define the word "impossible" as not possible to achieve. Leader read the same word as " I-m-possible". Do you see the different? The different between a good leader and a great leader is measure by their humbility. All leaders attracts follower. A team is made up of leaders and followers. The majority of a Great team is made up of players that is of high ethics, respect, selfless and professionalism.

In today market, consumer prefer low quantity with high value rather than large quantity with low value.

There is no retreat. Fight or die attitude. True leaders understand the principal of failing honorably. Leaders never bring regret to their grave. Lead by example and produce result.

There is nothing more convincing than result. Is leadership a skill that is born with or can leadership skill be cultivated?
You can answer :
"Yes" it can be trained or you can choose to reply
"No" people are not born with leadership skill.

Both answer carry the same meaning.
Now, do you think a 'Yes' or a 'No' sound more positive?

Leadership starts with a positive mindset. The ability to think big, look far (long term) and have a strong wanting will! If you have a strong desire to cultivate or discover your leadership, please do not hesitate to contact us at eaglesvisions@gmail.com

Freedom exists because of country. Country is forged by wars and battles. In the past Warrior (leader in battlefield) traded their life for their families 's freedom. Today you can trade your financial freedom not with your life but with skills and knowledge!

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