Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Is Gossiping a good thing?

When is the last time you gossip about people? With your friends, colleague or your senior management? The truth is that gossip is a good thing! Do you know according to studies, more than 60% of our conversation is based on gossiping! Before we discuss any further, don't deny about scooping up the dirt from your colleague's backyard and digging the mess under your manager's carpet! The point is gossiping is good for your psychology well-being!

Gossip is the human equivalent of 'social grooming' among primates, which has been shown to stimulate production of endorphins, relieving stress and boosting the immune system. Two-thirds of all human conversation is gossip, because this 'vocal grooming' is essential to our social, psychological and physical well-being.

Mobiles facilitate gossip. Mobiles have increased and enhanced this vital therapeutic activity, by allowing us to gossip 'anytime, anyplace, anywhere' and to text as well as talk. Mobile gossip is an effective and important new stress-buster. Gossip is not a trivial pastime: it is essential to human social, psychological and even physical well-being. The mobile phone, by facilitating therapeutic gossip in an alienating and fragmented modern world, has become a vital 'social lifeline', helping us to re-create the more natural communication patterns of pre-industrial times.

Research by Kate Fox

So what is the top three most commonly gossiped topic? There is no doubt, Sex, Property and
Religion. Are you surprised by this finding? I guess not. People always circle around these three topics. Sex, the very thing that create life. Property, the thing that hold and shelter life. Lastly, people discuss about Religion, the hope to continue life after death. If you have been observant enough, the main topic is still about life itself - other people life.

In today stressful work and education environment, we are too involve and too under connected. Gossip, a form of communication that helps relief stress. If you are a business man or senior managing director, do remember to gossip before you begin any form of serious discussion. It does help other party to relax psychologically and psychically. So let us go out to perform some serious gossiping today!

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