Thursday, July 3, 2008

Are You Ready For Your Last Pay?

Why is structural retrenchment a Good Thing?
To explain the fundamental of simple economics, look at the example
of an island and 10 fisherman. Ten fisherman uses sticks-fishing
to catch fishes at the coastline.
Evolution of Tools
Months later, fishing net and fishing boat was
invented, instead of 10
fisherman, only two is needed to produce the
same amount of catch.
In industrial context, the efficiency and productivity is greatly
improved. On the down side, 8 fisherman was retrenched,
that is a whopping 80% unemployment rate on the island.

Eight retrenched fisherman were taught a new skill, to farm and harvest
crop. The 8
farmers are now contributing new stable food source to the
entire population. It
is a good things, the economic factor on the island
increase to 200%! (now the island have two types of food source)

months later, new tools and machinery were invented and 6
farmer were retrenched.
The process repeats itself......every time....
again and again....forever.......

In conclusion, do you see yourself as a fisherman or farmer? Actually
it doesn't
matter. Now do you understand why government keep
promoting and
encouraging us to "keep upgrading" and working
hard beyond 65 of age? Change
is a good thing. Change is inevitable.
Change will slowly abandon you from the crowd
when you aged and
unable to keep up.

Why resist the change? Terrorist is a group
of people whom uses force
to resist change. You can make a change through educating yourself and
adding value to your employer and/or business. Remember it is an on-
going process. We will still be in stone age if our ancestor don't allow
change to take place.

The story of the island continues......... 5 years later..................
The fisherman whom was retrenched and taught how to farm, hunt,
repair huts and cook are now requires to perform all the duties. This requirement takes places so frequent that there is actually a term for it. It is known as Multi-Tasking.

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In the past 500yrs, people whom control Lands (farming, agriculture) control wealth.
Later, railway & steam ship was invented.
People whom control transportation of the harvest/cattle control wealth too.
Not long ago,
People invent new method and product to reduce production cost, control wealth
People who find better & more efficiency way to distribute product live in wealth and freedom

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