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In the past Slavery (also called thralldom) is a social-economic system under which certain persons — known as slaves — are deprived of personal freedom and compelled to work.

Slaves are held against their will from the time of their capture, purchase, or birth, and are deprived of the right to leave, to refuse to work, or to receive compensation (such as wages) in return for their labor. As such, slavery is one form of unfree labor.

In its narrowest sense, the word slave refers to people who are treated as the property of another person, household, company, corporation or government. This is referred to as chattel slavery.

There are three general types of slavery: wage slaves, contract slaves, and slaves in the traditional sense.

* Wage slavery often occurs in underdeveloped areas, where employers can afford to employ people at low wages, knowing they can't afford to risk their employment. Most child laborers for example, can be considered to be wage slaves. Marxists and anarchists, however, use the term more broadly to refer to a situation in which a person must sell his or her labor power, submitting to the authority of an employer in order to prosper or merely to subsist; creating a hierarchical social condition in which a person chooses a job but only within a coerced set of choices (e.g. work for a boss or starve) which usually excludes democratic worker's control of the workplace and the economy as a whole and unconditional access to a fair share of the basic necessities of life.

* Contract slaves are generally poor, often illiterate, people who have been tricked into signing contracts they do not understand.

* Slavery in its traditional sense is still very active; only its activities are carried out underground. Actual slavery is still carried out much the same way it has been for centuries: people, often women and children, are abducted (usually from underdeveloped countries such as those in the Middle East, South America, Asia, Africa and the former Soviet Bloc countries), loaded aboard a ship and smuggled to a foreign country (usually Asia or the Middle East) and they are sold, the men and male children sold for labor, while the women and girls for domestic slavery or to work as unwilling prostitutes primarily in Asia and the West.

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Today's Slavery

Slavery in modern context is using time to exchange for money. In general understanding, time is our life. We have a limited life span. Many people in the workforce starts work at 8am and leave for home at 6pm. On the average, employee traded at least 10 hours of their life per day for financial rewards. Subtracting transportation cost and food, the balance each day is brought home to pay for housing loan, rents, communication bills and others miscellaneous expenses.

In the past, slave can choose to starve or to work for the boss for an unjustifiable low wages. Not much have change today, you either work to pay off your loans and bills else the banks and other financial institute will chase after you for the unserviced installment or unpaid bills until they chain up your property and strip you naked from your existing lifestyle!

If you take a closer look, you will realize that there is more to it. There is a small differences in today slavery as compared to the past. In the early days, you can be born as a slave, because of your parents background - some sort of bad luck isn't it! Or your family sold you to raise some money so that your other sibling can get some food. In other circumstances, you are kidnapped and sold to the third party. Either way it is not your choice!

The good news is, today you have the power to make a change! When you have a family, sick parents or even a huge house to pay (liability), the company and organization out there know that you cannot afford Not To have the job! They know you! No matter how unreasonable the monthly paycheck is, you will still stick to their terms and conditions. Little annual leave, no medical benefit, no overtime pay and one day notice for you to prepare for oversea outstation ! You think this is tough? You may reject the offer, before you even step out of the interview room, guess what? Somebody else accept the job with half of the pay that was offered to you!

The point is that if you don't do it, someone else will. In today reality, you got to slash each other throats to stay afloat! Remember, you have the power to choose, we were like you once upon a time and we like to share with you how we evolve out of the situation that you may be in today. Please contact us at

Look around, the number of people filed for insolvency or bankruptcy had sky rocketed these few years. Not because they choose not to slave, it is because the masters had chosen slave that are cheaper, younger and unlikely to ask for a wage raise.

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