Monday, July 21, 2008

Expiry Date

Before exams, some student burn months and months of midnight oil just to research and study for the big day. Few weeks before the exam panic bells strike, during that period of time it is not easy to get hold of the divine Past Years Papers. You can notice the fleet of photocopy machines in the campus running at full capacity with tons of A4 size paper and black ink toner parking beside the copier.

Everyone seems to be rushing somewhere, there is simply no time for anyone to stop in their paths to say "hi". The most congested part of the campus is no doubt the library. It is not difficult to detect a few panic faces at the librarian main counter. Last minute preparatory usually run into common problem like insufficient research material. Vital References books is probably in a book-in-advance circulation list. Projects rooms in the library is packed and hog by student whom simply cannot afford to have the time to sleep.

There is some kind of unspeakable tension in the air. Faint whisper of exam tips came from a group of girls seating at the far end of the discussion room. Some was crush by mental exhaustion, laying flat between the bookshelves. As the date to exam marches nearer, you may be able to detect a few group of student that seldom visit the library. These innovative groups started to make notes and label, amazingly they are able to fit the entire Quantum Theory into a small piece of paper. I will think that it is a very smart idea, that piece of paper will probably come in handy in the battle field. Lecturer and professor always stress to study smart. I bet these guys are trying their best.

Well, the day have come and gone. Before you realize, the piece of achievement is in your hand. What are you going to do about it? Frame it up? Rest it in your resume file? Whatever your decision is, you probably did not realize that there is a invisible count down timer that is tagged to your certificate. If you are sharp, you must have understood that the certificate is printed "Best Before dd/mm/yyyy with an invisible ink!"

The material that was used to trained student was derived from industrial standard at the time of education. After graduation, you may have notice the standard and requirement had changed. A professional certificate will not be able to last more than ten years. Where will you be ten years from now? Probably a senior manager, married with two kids. How old do you think you will be by then? You will realise that the very qualification that you worked so hard for, had expired. What are you going to do about it? Go for another degree or Master
course to stay relevant?

Do you think you are able to handle education better in part time basis with a full time job in the day? Even if you got yourself re-qualify with the new achievement, are you prepare (time and finance)to renew your qualification every five years or so? Assuming examination grade is not a variable, do you think potential employers will go for younger cheaper fresh graduate?

We were once like you. We foreseen this coming. We did what we must because we are not getting younger everyday.

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