Saturday, August 16, 2008

Regular Maintenance

A brand new car from the manufacturer is like a new born baby. The skin is smooth and radiant like the fresh layer of shining paintwork of a new car. When you turn the ignition key, the engine fires up and the mechanics go to works generating a steady humming sound like the heart beat of a new born child.

After twenty long years of usage, parts starts to wear out. If the vehicle owner failed to perform routine serving, engine will starts to run rougher with a lot more unwanted vibration. The fuel efficient falls steeply and cost of travel increase reciprocally. Just like a baby reaches the twenties, eyes sight starts to fails (too much computer games) and requires a pair of contact lens. Tendon and muscles like the timing belts in th engine starts to reveal signs of wear and crack lines.

After thirty years of running, the engine is under sever thermal stress (heat) and gasket starts to fall apart and engine oil starts to ooze from the fault lines. Just like human being, when we are exposed to continuous job security, economic turbulence , taxes and inflation stress something in us will bound to break down. Sometime stress can lead to a chain reaction of poor diet and poor selection of food intake that spiral another sets of medical problems.

Above is an illustration of a poorly maintained engine's parts. It is always cheaper to perform regular medical check up than trying to "fix" a major problem in the later stages. Unfortunately, most people takes too long to realized that there is no "ready-parts" even if they can afford the price. Remember you are unique, there is millions of people out there but no one is exactly like you and there is no "human part" available. If your heart stop pumping tonight, you can't go to eBay and order a replacement. It don't work like that, somebody up there gave you a working body and expect you (the owner) to keep it running!

Be kind to yourself and be responsible to go for routine checkup. Today people are living too short and dying too long. Love life and live it to the fullest!

Diagram below shows the waste that was accumulated in the body for many years. The dark solid rotten waste was found in the intestine of a human being. Everyone have a least a small fraction of these in us. Generally these accumulated waste evolves into cancerous cell over a period of time. If you wish to find out how to remove these toxin waste from your body system do drop us a mail.

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