Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts -Albert Einstein

The prophecy had came true! Global stock markets are charging South, hundred and thousands had lost their job in the last couple of months. Guess what? This is only the preview stage! Many more axes are coming down and coming down hard in the next few quarters. We have came across the prophecy of financial melt down five years ago.

Many massive ships (giant company e.g. Motorola) had dissolved in this economic storm! More than ten years ago, a position in Lehman Brothers was considered a "hot" job! No one had predicted that this giant money lender had filed for bankruptcy protection!

For the past many years of our working life, many of us have lost our direction in life. We work hard and faithfully for our company. We sacrifice our family time burying ourselves under extensive stress in our job. We are clocked by our time-card and chained to our desk pushing endless workload behind our office desk.
Instead of spending time with our love ones, we are obligated either to entertain our clients or company associates after work .

Are you in the same shoes? Feeling life is hectic, running all day, meetings, phone calls, paper work, appointments. Pushing yourself to the limits (close breaking point). Fall into the bed exhausted and all beat up, and getting up early the next morning to do it all over again? Do you feel you are torn apart, knowing your family is important but you can't really spent sufficient quality time with them? Living in constant conflict trying to juggle the demand between family and work?

At the end what is our reward? A retrenchment payout?
Is that it?

As the matter of fact we are definitely not getting younger everyday. Walking back into the interview room becomes harder each time as our skill obsolete and youth gone. If you missed your rightful opportunity to ride out of the economic storm with us in the first round, this is the best time to offer yourself the ticket for the second round!

We have studied the probability of success on many people who started out as a fresh business owner. Many of them are unable to progress very far in their business. We are indeed looking at the same products, payouts plan, market and company but the results differ. One of the few major factor that we have discovered is efficiency.

Efficiency is about "getting more done in less time". It makes good sense. We get more done. We reduce or even eliminate waste. We are streamlined. We are faster. We are leveraged. The increase in productive is incredible! But the underlying assumption is that "more" and "faster" are better? Is that necessarily true?

A business model or job is a constant, like a career map. The team and mentor that you are building business or working with is like a compass. A detailed map with a low magnetism compass may not accurately point you to the right direction. If we are an efficient players equipped with a low efficiency compass, we are simply getting to the wrong destination faster! Team integration is the key that lead to an incredible results! We believe in developing leaders with strong integrity and solid core values!

Most of us had fallen into a unimaginable situation. A wrong map! (Back in school, job is hard...). It is never too late, we are offering anyone anywhere in this planet who have a strong desire to take a look at our map which offer an exit to this hectic life. A full transformation on your current work life.

Don't worry there is plenty of room to go around. Try not to wait for your current ship to sink. We require time to reach you =)

Like you, we used to be a committed worker in our "secure job", we had made the necessary adjustment and are confident that our heads will not be on the chopping board when the axes comes down. What about you? Are you ready to made some small adjustment?

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
-Albert Einstein

EVI Management Wishes You A Happy New Year!

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