Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Is Hope a Good Thing?

How many people out there hope to be rich and famous? The answer is clear. Almost everybody! Hope is a belief in a positive outcome related to events and circumstances in one's life. Hope implies a certain amount of despair, wanting, wishing, perseverance— i.e., believing that a better or positive outcome is possible even when there is some evidence to the contrary.

Many working class is struggling to stay afloat in this trying time. The fixed income they received monthly was just sufficient for them to get by. With continuous escalating energy and food cost, people are squeezing cash from their wallet just to pay for the necessity. General population is less willing to spend on things they don't need. Retails, entertainment and manufacturing will be hit with maximum impact. In this difficult period a smart movie producer by the name of Jack Neo in Singapore rode along with this negative trend and successfully directed the second sequel of "Money Not Enough 2". The story reflects the financial difficulty of average Singaporean. This is one of the classic example of seizing opportunities to work for you irregardless whether it is an upward trend or a downward trend.

In bad times, the best way to achieve their financial dream is to bet on TOTO , 4D or both! Since by working harder and clocking more overtime hours on their time-sheet don't seem to bring them anywhere nearer to their goal, why not bet more heavily and hope for the best outcome? How much are you willing to pay for this "hope" that last for about a month?

August 20, 2008 Wednesday
By Theresa Tan

SINGAPOREANS gambled away billions of dollars last year, with the bulk of bets going towards 4-D lotteries, according to a Straits Times check.

The survey also revealed that residents spent hundreds of millions on both horse racing and Toto, with bets on the ponies on a sharp trend upward.

While betting operator Singapore Pools declined to reveal how much money was spent on 4-D, the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (Iras) said that the game generated more than $1 billion in taxes during the last financial year.

The Straits Times spoke to tax experts who estimated that it would translate into $4.2 billion in bets.

Meanwhile, the Singapore Turf Club revealed that $1.9 billion was wagered on horse races in its last audited financial year.

Also, about $535 million was spent on Toto in Iras' last financial year, according to experts' analysis of tax records.

You can see that in the game of betting, either you strike it or you strike out. Instead of investing, people choose to dump their cold hard cash to buy a hope, a belief for something that carry very slim chances of financial return. Well, that is the whole idea of hope isn't it? Using little capital to exchange for a "potential" massive return! Betting is no doubt the fastest and easiest legal way to attain wealth (provided you strike).

If there is such a channel whereby individual is given equal opportunities to "win" and to be financially free, would you wish to consider? The only viable way to be financially free is to build your very own business- the smart way. True, you may take sometime to learn and built but once your business pickup momentum, you don't need your boss anymore. If you have been guided by a good mentor, he or she will tell you that running a business today is reasonably much more stable than "owning" a job. If someone tells you that owning a business is a very risky thing, maybe it is time for you to get rid of the person who give you this idea! Running business requires knowledges and skills. Those who loosely use the word "risky", either lacks the fundamental knowledge or the relevant skills to own a business. When your business picked up, you should take calculated risk and reinvest the money that you had earned from your business!

Student spends more time on video games than revision lessons. When exams are near they apply the same "hope mentality" on their examination's results. Don't make the all-too-common mistake by allowing yourself to hope, but performing a reverse action on the expected outcome.

In conclusion, is hope really a Good thing? You tell us!

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