Monday, October 20, 2008

Three Little Pig
(For Investor)

The story of three little pig by Joseph Jacobs (English Fairy Tales) have been a all time favourite bed time story for every kid. Let us bring back some sweet memories of this classic story in modern context !

Once upon a time, there was a mother pig who had three little pigs. One day the mother pig said to the three little pigs, "You are too BIG to live here." You have to move out and build your own house. Mother pig warned her children about the Big Bad Wolf. The three little pig unwillingly part with mother pig and moved out. The three of them decided to move to a place where there is good scenery, fresh water preferably with a nearby hawker center where people dislike pork chops and minced meat noodles.

On the way, first little pig came across a man carrying some straws. The first little pig asked the man for some straws. The first little pig was very happy after he got the straws. Within a day, he build a fine little straw house. He immediately placed an order for a 70" plasma TV and some Italian designer furniture. The first little pig bragged to his two older brother with a tone and a bad-bad attitude! The two older brother pig was upset and determine to build a much stronger house than their little brother. Second and third little pig left shortly after they watched Mission Impossible 4 from the new Plasma TV.

A few rivers away, the two little pigs met an old woodcutter. Second little pig asked for some sticks from the kind wood cutter. Within a week, the second little pig had constructed a grand looking house made from wood! The second little pig was very satisfy with his own workmanship. He claimed that the Big Bad Wolf can't lay a finger on his enormous hi-fi system and his brand new SONY laptop! Second little pig is a strong believer of saving. He always reserve cash for a rainy day. Just to show his neighbors his is in business, he blasted his hi-fi with "Can't touch this" by MC Hammer. The third little pig was so irritated by the loud music that he made a move without finishing his online game on the second little pig's laptop.

Not very far from the second little pig, the third little pig met a man carrying bricks. He asked the man for some bricks and started building his first house. Could be the lack of skills and knowledge, it took him a week to figure out how to construct a brick house. Weather turned cloudy and started to rain heavily. Third little pig had to suffer coldness in the rain without shelter. There was also time when the Sun'UV almost got him roasted! The third little pig was very determine to get his brick house build.

Some weeks later, the first little pig had purchased a brand new BMW and the second little pig had got himself a used Honda sedan. Both of them drove down to the third little pig house. They were shock to see that the construction of the brick house was not even 30% complete. First and second little pig strongly encourage their elder brother to bail out from his brick house project. They recommended the third little pig to work on "easier" alternative like the straw or stick house instead. Instant, fast and worry free. The third little pig responded with a weak smile and quietly continue to work on his project.

A month pass quickly, the brick house was almost 50% complete. The first and second little pig drop by again. This time they muck and laugh at the third little pig for being a fool. They called him a time-waster.

Finally here came the last day of the third month. The ultimate bullet proof brick house was completed!

On the following Monday when the first little pig was about to leave his home for work, he heard a loud bang on his door! It is the Big Bad Wolf!" Open the door and let me in" the Big Bad Wolf demanded. The first little pig responded. "No way, by the hair of my chinny chin chin, I will not let you in." The Big Bad Wolf was left with no choice but to the tow away the little pig's BMW. "Not the Beemer", cried the first little pig. The next day the Big Bad Wolf increased the interest rate of the loan for the 70" Plasma TV and the designer furnitures. As the town's court house had pass the verdict to repossess first little pig straw house as he could not service his property installment.

First little pig packed overnight and flee for shelter at the second little pig's house.

A week had past, there was a thunderous bang at second little pig's wooden door! This is the Big Bad Wolf!" Open the door and let me in" the Big Bad Wolf demanded. The second little pig responded. "No way, by the hair of my chinny chin chin, I will not let you in." The Big Bad Wolf was left with no choice but to the tow away the little pig's Honda sedan. "Not the ride", cried the second little pig. The next day the Big Bad Wolf doubled the property tax of the wooden house and increase the inflation rate by printing more money. That evening, the creditors force entry into the wooden house and repossess everything in the wooden property. The house was pulled down for fuel because the second little pig could not afford to pay his 22% increment on power and utilities bills.

The first and second little pigs shed tears and ran for the brick house.

The two little pigs could not locate the brick house. They were desperate. They were homeless, jobless and starving for food. As the second little pig was always a sound saver, he pulled out the only remaining note in his wallet and walked briskly to a nearby Mac-Dorner. He dropped on his knee as he saw that the price of the Harppy Meal had increased five times due to food- service tax and massive inflation!

At that point of time, they hear a faint little voice from the crowd. It was the third little pig. After a moment of catching up, the two homeless pigs realized that the third little pig had been building and reinvesting in property. Now he is a owner of a 30-room hotel. The third little pig invited his brothers to stay with him. The first and second pig was taken a back when they saw many other animals including their mother pig in the hotel. Third little pig explained that these animals was victims of commercial rape, they lost all their money and shelter in LehMan Brother's Mini Bonds. Now they have no choice but to rent a shelter from him.

Every time the economic gone bad, the third little pig have reported increase in rental revenue.

The third little pig collect passive rental and enjoy residual income for the rest of his life! The Big Bad Wolf pass by the third little pig's hotel and there goes the music "Can't touch this". The Big Bad Wolf shook his head and continue his journey look for more property and vehicle to repossess.


From the sharing of this story you can identify people around us that have certain mental similarity with one of these three little pigs. Some build their career and retirement plan with straws. Believing the 8 to 5 jobs can bring them to where they want. The spending pattern is almost a spot-on match. Like the first little pig they spent lavishly on gadgets or white elephant they don't need. Instead of spending their salary to repay loans or sound investment, they choose to spend on things that gives them instant gratification. They live from paycheck to paycheck, always complaining about life and work.

The second little pig operate in a "saver" mentality. He move-in on used items, always shaving corner to save some bucks. The sad thing is that these people never understand how inflation works. At the end of the tunnel, they usually learned their lesson the hardest way and the term inflation is probably the toughest lesson they learn in this entire life time. Inflation works hand in hand with time. The longer you hang on to the money the lesser in value it become. Like our second little pig, still thinking that he can purchase a Harppy Meal with his emergency note!
These people can be found spending most of their time cutting discount coupons and queuing up for discount items before the shops open. Look around, they are everywhere!

Oh, of course we have people like the third little pig who understands how inflation works and started off planing ahead. Unlike the rest, he spend more time learning the skills and knowledge to build his first brick house. Yes, it takes time. Little bit of suffering and set back, but that is part of the journey to success. It comes in a package. Everyone starts somewhere sometime, why not Now? Do ask yourself do you have friends like our third little pig? Robert T Kiyosaki? Warren Buffet? Donald Trump? Or at least a reputable millionaire to guide you?

If you are currently taking risks living in a house built from straw or wood, it is not too late to start building your first brick house in your backyard! Drop us a mail if you have a comment on this article or interested to find out more!

Who say that the Big Bad Wolf is a "Bona-fide Wolf in this story"?

You Decide!

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