Friday, July 18, 2008

How to build Your Personal Noah's Ark?

The following content is meant for those who had read the original version of Noah's Ark. Please read the original version here.

From the pictures above (left) is an artist impression on Noah's Ark.

(Right) Wyatt Archaeological Research, purported the ark is located at Dogubayazit, Turkey

Imagine in today world, you are told that the same disaster will strike. (Let's change the features a little). Only ships and boats made from timber will survive this calamity. You are require to build a fleet of 100 Arks, each have to be 10 times bigger than the size of Noah's Ark with food storage and on board hydroponic system, so that survivors can harvest food that can last not forty days but four calender years. (requirement increase as technology advanced). President, CEO, directors and world leaders will leave their immediate post to station in the arks.

Look at your challenge at hand. How are you going to source for material? Let us assume you have all the require material, what kind of manpower you are looking at to put those pieces together?

The easiest way to go is to approach investors and volunteer whom have strong belief in God. You may have already guess what the outcome is going to be. Mind you, there was no mental hospital during Noah's time. Either way, you are going to face countless rejection, running into brick wall after brick wall.

Who is going to stop you? People of your own kind? Yourself? Lacking of faith?

The scenario above illustrate that life itself, has lined up all the necessary challenges for us to face. Life will keep teaching us the same lesson until we learn. Each time the lesson become harder and more painful until we change our course of action. Today economic turbulence is much more fearful and deadly than natural disaster. A small change in oil prices, inflation index, legislative laws, tax laws affect you and your loves one.

By now the picture is clear, you are already threading water. You are right in the midst of an economic turbulence! The moment you stop threading water what will happen to you? The instance you lost your job what will happen to you and your family? At this point of time you probably don't have the resource and time to build an ark.

If you think there is nothing you can do about it, read no further. Stop here!

Since you still have the wanting will to find out how to survive through this economic turbulence, we will not disappoint you. If you are willing to let go whatever you have had learned in schools, we will be able to guide you on how to build an Noah's Ark not for the world but just for your family and you. The best part is, we are building your ark with you!

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